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We are living through a crisis of democracy, opportunity and equality.

Despite rapidly increasing productivity, workers are earning less and are increasingly insecure. Meanwhile the combined wealth of just four of the WalMart heirs is greater than the combined wealth of the bottom third of all Americans (about 100 million of us).

Wall Street bankers pushing predatory products have created a debtor nation and the economic collapse they triggered in 2008 has caused a staggering loss of accumulated wealth and security for working class homeowners and communities of color.

Decades of steady progress in expanding access to the ballot box have been undermined by Shelby County v. Holder and Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, which encourage retrograde assaults on the participation of people of color, young people, and the elderly, while throwing open the gates to massive private spending on elections.

Key pillars of a strong society such as public education, social insurance, and quality and affordable health care are facing relentless attacks from pro-corporate “reformers” while a for-profit prison system expands to profit off the incarceration of the least powerful – most often young people of color – left behind as those strong pillars are weakened.

In crisis, however, lies opportunity. There is growing appetite to challenge this status quo, driven by the people who are most marginalized within it : low-wage workers, young people of color, immigrants, and those whose wealth and future were stolen by Wall Street bankers, among others.

Together we are fighting for a future characterized by opportunity, equality, and inclusion. Together we are taking Action for the Common Good.

Action for the Common Good is a sister organization of Center for Popular Democracy. You can find out more about them and their wealth of programs also aimed at increasing opportunity, equality, and inclusion by clicking here. 

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  • commented 2014-04-01 19:10:27 -0400
    I propose we start a national union using the current resources of this site and of their affiliates. I’m not certain everyone understand how capitalism works. Here’s a very brief lesson: A person or persons with enough money and/or property provides that money and/or property to start a business. What they’ve provided is the capital in capitalism; they are the capitalists. They cannot perform all of the work by themselves, so they hire workers. The workers and the capitalists are both necessary for the business to function. One without the other is useless. Both together have an equal stake in the business as that is their sole means of income. There must be a balance between the capitalist’s interests and the worker’s. What has happened is that companies across the world have become so large no one has a personal stake in any of their myriad businesses. This also results in a very small percentage of the population controlling not only a disproportionate percentage of the wealth of a nation, but of the government and media. With enough wealth, anything can be purchased, including presidencies. Read the histories of other nations across the past 3000 years and you’ll see this has happened many times in the past. The solution, for now, is to hold large companies responsible for creating employment. The companies currently have no reason, economic or moralistic, to help the people of their own country. It is the role of governments to provide for the common good of its people; all of its people, not just those who can purchase a congressman or senator. The role of workers is to unite by forming national unions. The current unions are fairly useless. What we need is a nation-wide union. We must have millions of people standing together to hold large businesses accountable. Without the balance between workers and capitalists, there will always be poor economic conditions. I propose we start a national union using the current resources of this site and of their affiliates.
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  • commented 2013-12-09 17:05:45 -0500
    I just posted a very long comment! I thought it through very carefully. I am sorry if it was lost, but I’m not going to write it again. Let me just say that I am with you all the way and believe in the principles you lay out with passion and profundity. Education and the lifelong curiosity and desire to learn more that it engenders are the keystone to fulfillment both individually and as a society. Count me in!
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